Upcoming Movie: ‘The Fog of Dr. Parchisi’

The latest entry in the Dr. Parchisi canon, and we recommend this one.

The good Doctor Parchisi, played again by the artist known as Tom, yes, with his authentically fiendish moustachios and strong scent of something between port wine and pistachios, finds himself unable to control his sudden urges for the damsel in the neighboring castle, Miss Matilda Applewhite Blossom, and summons a sinister fog to descend upon the mountainscapes of Transylvania, through which he transports himself to the virgin’s fogged window, riding his tame pterodactyl Darren. It is a story of love and repugnance, of truth and falsehood, and of a sack of nuts. The special effects are no better than The Neverending Story, but THIS story clocks in at a tidy 94 minutes.

Photo by Parker Hilton on Unsplash