The Theme of the Week is Buttermilk

Every week our Theme Expert, Teddy, goes into detail on a new theme. This week’s theme is Buttermilk.

Good morning, guys, and by guys I mean both ladies and gentlemen, living and dead. The spirit board this week indicated that our Theme of the Week is another of the lesser-known food groups, Buttermilk, and it really got me thinking!

Where in the everyday world do we even find Buttermilk?

  • In Pancakes
  • Grandmother used to drink it straight from the bottle
  • Amish people‘s kitchens

And that is just about it. Let’s start with Pancakes.

Pancakes are straight-up delicious, but what I was surprised to discover is that not all Pancakes are made with Buttermilk. What? you are probably asking yourself. Why would you make Pancakes without the zesty splash of curdled dairy? Are you just asking to get tossed out of the Progressive Breakfast Club, or not invited to the next pancake brunch at Holy Cross?

What Mrs. “Stewardship Sunday” Appleblossom is not telling you, in fact, is that she never did use Buttermilk in her flapjacks. No sir, no lady, not even a dribble. This explains why she always insisted on smothering her insipid, not fluffy nubs-o-dough with heaps of jam and imitation maple syrup.

Secondly, Grandma used to just swig Buttermilk straight from the bottle. Did she cut it with a small nip of schnapps out of her hip flask? Maybe the stories are true. What we do know is that she lived to be A HUNDRED.

Thirdly, a friend of mine was once invited to an Amish wedding, and took the opportunity to slip into the kitchen and see what was up in there, all just going at the butter churn like wild or what, but what she actually found totally floored her: crock upon crock of fresh, tart Buttermilk which she rubbed all over her body and guzzled.

Actually that was me.

Buttermilk is an elusive, but not impossible Theme. Look for it — love it — guzzle it.

Join Teddy every week while he goes stalking the internet in search of new Themes.

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash