Tark Mackintosh

Recently people have been asking me about my photo exposition ‘Under The Wedding’ (now showing at Mack’s Bar & Grill in Peoria), in which I explore what goes on UNDER the wedding — literally beneath the tables at weddings. In this age of drones and smartphones there are still a lot of things that are NOT being documented, and they are mainly under the table.

Here are 4 hot take DO’s and DON’Ts on documenting the unseen, the unknown — the undertable.

1. DO capture the pussy

It is not all high heels and spats under the table at the wedding. Be fresh. Be vibrant. Capture the pussy. Snap that puppy dog. Shoot the ferret if you can.

2. DO be discreet

Not everyone will be thrilled to be photographed under the table, but it isn’t their wedding, is it? F*ck them, but be sure to get permission from bride and groom before you go under.

3. DON’T hesitate to drop a napkin

What is the number 3 rule every wedding photographer follows? Location, location, location. Scout your shoot. Don’t be afraid to ‘use that old trick’. Some undertable wedding photographers even pretend to faint away in order to get the right preview.

4. DO keep your swine hands off the champagne, Ansel Adams

Simply put, stay sober. It may be tempting with those trays of bubbly making the rounds like ferris wheels, but don’t drink while making undertable art. It is important to stay focused on one thing, and that is your subject under the tablecloth.

Cat photo by Seven Song on Unsplash

Napkin photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash

Glasses photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash