Stating that his staff has simply grown tired of cooking for other people, local chef and restaurateur Marco Jefferson has announced a dazzling new concept in dining out: customers will now have the opportunity to bake their own lasagna, doing everything from creating sauces and making fresh pasta to browning beef and shredding cheese, all with five-star ingredients from Marco’s kitchen.

‘Ordinary people have no idea how labor-intensive and infuriating it is to cook for other people,’ Marco told The Gorko. ‘Well they are about to find out.’

Staff will be on hand to shout helpful remarks at customers, and ensure proper knife etiquette.

‘It’s all fun and games until you get steamrolled by a noisy group of drunk people, the knife slips and off goes your thumb,’ continued Mr. Jefferson. ‘Well now ordinary people can have that experience instead of me.’

Marco’s restaurant Mama Mia is located on Fayette Street in downtown Peoria.

Photo by Marie Dehayes on Unsplash