The Lemondrop Dream Blog: Are Citrus and Celeb Normal?

Hello friends. My name is Lemon Reilly (@LemonReilly), Life Doctor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Homeopath with offices in both Reno and Mexico City.

Is it optimal to say some kind of prayer or chant a mantra before going to sleep? I think so but Larry says it doesn’t matter.
-Jean (in tight jeans), Larry’s Life Partner

Do not go to sleep before saying a prayer or mantra or taking off those tight jeans, Jean. (Are you a girl or a boy?) We try to make peace with the universe and her conscious parts before we close our eyes — perhaps tonight will be the last time! As one wise Roman scholar once said, ‘Carpe pisces,’ which translates, ‘Teach a man how to fish today.’ Go out into nature today.

Is it possible to cure insomnia with herbal tea? Is that normal?

Yes, Rhonda, preferably chamomile tea with an optimistic squeeze of citrus such as lemon! It is normal.

Carpe pisces, as the old Romans used to say

I continue to dream about Dustin Hoffman, Lemon. Is this normal?
-Randolph in Mercer

What Dustin Hoffman movies have you been watching recently, Randolph? I recently enjoyed watching Tootsie. You are almost definitely 99.9% suffering from Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS), a nervous obsessive-addictive brain disorder that is terminal (no cure, Randolph). You will just have to sit tight and wait. Never sleep in a sitting position.

My wife and I have heard that many people die in their sleep. Do many people die in their sleep? Is this normal?
-An older Hoosier couple

Some elderly people hire hypnotists to monitor their breathing and heart rate while they are in bed, Hoosiers. In the past I myself helped older Life Partners in the Reno area with this preventative technique, but I no longer offer such services.  There are many benefits and some patients even discover that their Life Doctor can help put ‘zest’ back into their love life. Others find Monitoring intrusive and immoral.

Sadly many people DO die in their sleep



Turns out that the best-selling existentialist philosopher-poet Andrew S. Kuznetsov III, is just called Andy by his friends, sources reported Monday.

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