The Theme of the Week is Cup-O-Joe

Every week our Theme Expert, Teddy, goes into detail on a new theme. This week’s theme is Cup-O-Joe.

You are a poet and stationary clerk, and your friends know you as such. It is important for poet-clerks such as ourselves to be seen on a weekly basis, with our neat fingernails, at the local coffee shop looking wise and sipping on our Cup-O-Joes. What is a Cup-O-Joe, non-poet-clerks may inquire? It is a fancy term for a black coffee, although for many poets Cup-O-Joe is merely synonymous with muse, sweet breath, and earth tones.

Here is our Cup-O-Joe rundown:

You can drink Cup-O-Joe in the morning to stimulate your poet brain

No need to brush or floss with Cup-O-Joe

Cup-O-Joe’s subtle earth tones will help you calm TF down

Stimulate your poet brain

We poet-clerks know that almost any person or object can become a so-called muse: Barack Obama, Bangtan Boys (BTS, who were my own private K-Pop muse for about six months in 2020), Emilia Clarke or Emma Stone; a pencil, a bean, a coffee bean. Why not turn that muse into something you can also binge-drink, like a Cup-O-Joe? Cup-O-Joe has been linked to dozens, even hundreds of health benefits, such as weight loss and longer lifespan, and it is DE-licious!


The second main benefit of Cups-O-Joe for poet-clerics is that you no longer have to brush your teeth or floss. That’s right, with Cup-O-Joe your breath is guaranteed to be always if not minty fresh, Cup-O-Joe strong.


Finally, don’t underestimate the soothing earth tones in the aroma, body, flavor and finish of your steaming Cup-O-Joe. It has led many poet-philosopher-clerks back from the brink of suicide. Now they dream of rainbows in the lush and peaty rainforests the primal Bean-O-Joe calls cradle.

Hang on, BRB! Got to go get me a Cup-O-Joe!

Follow Teddy every week as he stalks the internet, Cup-O-Joe in hand, in search of new Themes.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay