They would be called dreams by Captain B

They would be called dreams

They would be called dreams
The first, two years ago?
Walking along a lakeshore dragging a corpse
Dead in my arms
No recollection of the murder i’d committed
Guilt, desire to flee
Necessity of washing the blood from my hands

Life continued
The guilt only grew
And reached extremity, extension exhausted

When the authorities knocked at my door
I fled and woke up

Two nights ago
I was back at the lake
Under the spell of a twenty-foot tall
Demon equalizer
A hell-spawn debt collector
Directed my legs to the spot

Another captive tried to flee
Straight up like a rocket
Straight to the sun
As we all desire, knowingly or not
He met it worse than Icarus
The flames left no evidence
Save for rapidly dissipating ash

I was made to dig up the bones
I feared the demon thing would devour me
The terror i felt when the jaws of death opened
But the razor sharp teeth only bent into a smile
As the giant leapt directly into the ether
And i was left to wonder if the debt was paid
Though not one moment doubting
That i had done wrong
Somewhere, sometime


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Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro