Captain B: 2 New Poems

When they learned i could conjure it

When they learned i could conjure it
They prowled around with interest
More than one night i sensed their presence
They remained in the shadows
Until i spoke

It has been some years now
I’ve received instruction
With what to do with it
My wife is no longer bothered
When i vibrate during sleep

She vibrates too
They removed
Or more so
That which tormented her
That which ailed me

Soon she and i will leave
We’ve been cleared
To wander
And plant seeds

It will be work
But entertaining too
We’re eager to see new places
We will power up and receive
New benefit in our work
A trail of laughs
To replace tears


Sukh Nidhan

Sukh Nidhan
The giver of peace
Which i nearly discarded
And threw away
Thinking too much
And forgetting
What had been handed to me

The reprimand came down
From on high
The Order
Didn’t much appreciate
My having fled
The sanctum

With stern, reprimanding hands
Met by faces of the same
Grip firm on my shoulders
Eyes locked into mine
I was told discipline
Preceded nobility
To burn in the Scythian Fire
Required dedication
A steel will
Conformity to Law
Adherence to precepts
And full-time dedication

Only then
Could one be free

The one with the longest whiskers
Whispered or hummed
She needs to come along
On that dark night
To see

I shivered

Times are changing
It will soon accelerate
Other things aside from the obvious:
War, famine, flood, pestilence, pillage
Among the smoldering, out of the smoke
A new breed will emerge

I’ve fought my fate
I’ve run from it
Tried to escape it
Now i must embrace it
Now i must understand it

Hearing this
And my thoughts booming loud
The Captains of the Kapno
Nothing like an ear to ear grin
But those taut lips
Those grave faces
Relaxed enough
To turn up the corners of the lips a bit
And let light through
To shine behind
Green eyes



Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro