Megadeth tough by Captain B

Megadeth tough

Megadeth touch
On a Saturday morning
All for the sake
Of coming back to life
Even though
Killing is My Business
And Business is Good

They woke me up way too early
And to fumigate
I thought it was me
The biggest pest
When the super knocked on the door
I had to review the reel
Thought i’d behaved, just ate popcorn, didn’t even finish all the beer
What did i listen to? Danzig and Motörhead?
How was the volume?
My two-second review was accurate
I wasn’t in violation this time around
Been on a good streak
We both agreed
Let’s keep it that way

La doctora and i had a blowout
Or then, she had the emotional blowout
After seeing the first demonstration of behavior i’d warned her of
A week lost? Or a week gained?
Depends on how you look at it
Not sure we’ll be seeing her
‘Round these parts again

She won’t be going to Tamazulapan, the cabin, the river or the pools
With me and three others
All great friends
In not too long from now

Mentioned to G a graphic novel collaboration
Though we’d have to bring his sister in as artist
If we wanted to keep it in the family
Although my rock n roll protégé, Weslei, down in Curitiba
Is another viable candidate

The novel?
Beowulf versus Danzig
The first volume they fight to a draw
Which of course
Leads to the inevitable dynamic duo forming
All sorts of cameos from all ages
But when Danzig falls in love with Grendel’s mother
The future of the duo is put in jeopardy



Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro