‘I’ll pencil you in’ by Captain B


I’ll pencil you in
I said to a friend
I, just back from a mission
He didn’t get it
The expression
I wasn’t surprised
And had only heard it recently
From the erudite client
Benefactor, collector of oddities
Of this most recent mission
I explained as best i could
To this friend
That it refers to a long extinct
And rudimentary technology
And but one usage of the implement
That existed on the swamp planet
Inhabited by those scary hybrid ancestors
That mated with the scaly overlords
Who ruled so long from the shadows
Now the whole wasteland is shadow
And all the hideous degrees
Of those blasphemous things
Slither about freely
And feed on each other
And satiate thirst
With the thick toxicity
Emanating from the bogs
I was there to retrieve a book
Full of a language and expressions
Such as these
Long forgotten by us
(And not a book like you’d imagine it
This one is of matter and can be held
In both hands- i let it go
I’d explain more in person)
So, yes, long a fading memory
Only heard in tales
Kin and cousin, brothers and sisters
Who, as of course you know, long ago
Had to flee and scatter
He said, yeah whatever
That he’d keep his transport job
But that after i showered and scrubbed
Any disease or pestilence from my being
Picked up from nightmare land
He’d meet me on Karas
First round
He was buying



Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro