‘Ukiyo 7’ by Captain B


I had doubled my distance from where I had camped all the week before. I had staked out. I had waited. I had observed. I also ate and drank my fill, merrily, something I hadn’t been able to do at home for the chief culprit’s influence and obstruction of a happy version thereof.

I filled the pot nice and stinky and steaming with all the waste and woe accumulated.

Doubled distance, no matter. Raven cawed on and on about as much. He warned of vanity. He warned of desire and vengeance. I laughed to demonstrate nonchalance in the matter. I think he detected the waiver and doubt in my not-as-confident-as-i-wanted-it-to-come-out laughter. I admit. I too detected it.

The plans of the other seemed to have changed.

At nightfall, when it was supposed the target of my sabotage would arrive at his profaned abode, Raven flew in circles above, warning at least, in the minimum, to forfeit a fire this night. I heeded that much and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders. I sipped lukewarm sake and waited.

The piercing scream gave way to trouble and thunder of a ferocious growl. It may have stripped leaves of trees and killed birds and fowl in the immediate vicinity and scene of the crime.

It shook the ground where I sat.

Necromancer would come sooner or later but always when least expected. There would be no true rest for a long while.

I would set out for my less-than-happy home at first light.



Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro