‘Not to save the world’ by Captain B


It wasn’t to save the world
but i’d settle for a few

First step
flee frownland
leave the sad swamp
I yelled from the other room
that i was going
I awaited no response

And it took me
to my own
sad scene
though indeed
a majestic lake
of my youth
and maybe my whole being
one and the same

I recognized the property
but had not been up to date
with what they’d done to the place
my welcome wore out
some decades before

I expected the whole new tribe
to be amidst those summer holiday
feasts and festivities
I was wrong
It seemed interim
But there sat the matriarch

Didn’t think i’d be shot on sight
The authorities summoned

She was into her long cup
swimming in the goblet
Her interested gaze
cut the fog and the haze
hovering between us

I know you?
she spoke aloud
sending the question off
in all directions

But she didn’t really seem to care
Fetch me some wine, boy
and pour yourself one too
if you so desire

I fulfilled the deed
filling her glass
but i’d brought my own
and now sat sipping
and lit a smoke

She wasn’t my mother
but as close as they come
Wait a minute
she said

You held me as a child
but dropped me as an adult
I drained my glass
corked my bottle
and was on my way

Back in the other land
late afternoon
Frownland was no more
I could hear her singing
I could smell something cooking

Somethings are just the way they are
and she’ll never be
a morning person


Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro