‘Lates X’ by Captain B


Lates the Thrice Blessed, a mouthful no doubt. I’m more commonly known as Lates X.

My powers are similar to those of my brethren though the color of my lightsaber depends on my mood (which also makes me more effective as rogue versus sage). However, I do have the unique skill of surfing all kinds of waves: Atlantic, Pacific, solar, dark matter, gravitational, gamma-rays, x-rays (careful), ultraviolet etc. If it’s a wave, I can surf it. Both my mother and father and theirs before them lived in the way and service.

We are free of course to choose our dress. I am nearly always found in black with a wink to ninja and in homage to Johnny Cash. Few survive a round-house kick to the jaw from my knee-high black leather destroyer boots.

My native planet is known as Susyon Id. SI is what I call it. It is trillions of miles away from your Earth if, say, NASA or SpaceX were to attempt to reach it. Although they lack imagination and know next to nothing of the space-time continuum, wormholes, dimensions, frequency or parallel worlds. Through certain portals, the Milky Way’s Earth is much more easily accessed and vice versa and beyond.

Why would I, Lates X, write to you people of Earth? I write to tell you that I along with others of the force work in the shadows and in-between the rays of light that touch your planet on a mission to eradicate all demon spawn who wear the masks of men, women, and other (and keep a close eye on your children for the love of the infinite sky!) but really work to sabotage the heart and soul of your planet and all her children. Some work in administration. Some work in the post office and banks. Many take the guise of common folk. Many are very well known leaders, entertainers, pundits etc. Ain’t going to start a list that would exceed the time I have to compose this brief message. You’ve seen them. Might have even…nevermind. Their breath smells like bowel; foul lives behind false eyes.

The battle wages on. Worry not, Earth people. We are fighting on your behalf


Captain B. Seafarer. Lover of shore leave. Collector of heads. Disseminator of tales. Twitter: @NPeligeiro