New Poem ‘Love’

Love is

She said

He expanded.


Notes by Tark Mackintosh

‘Love‘  The title of the poem reveals the theme.

Frankengirl  Pen name of Mary Gulliver, daughter of the famous Modernist poet Gulliver S. Gulliver. Contrary to expectations, she was in fact quite easy on the eye.

Love is  The truncated, possibly broken line, conceals the thought of the brokenhearted, likely broken-up-with lover. We shall never know the sentiment, for it has been snatched from us, like the heart from a gazelle of the high savannahs.

She said  The narrator is perhaps the poet, or more likely is one of her girlfriends. (Girlfriend in American parlance means a friend who is a girl.)

He  The callous object of her love is a man, and he is not yet out of the picture, though likely about to hightail it back to his Ford Taurus, which he has left facing the road for a quick getaway – a quickie.

expanded  And so the ex knows the line, like he knows the back of her hand – like he knows the inside of her thighs. The poem, like the lovers’ broken failure to communicate, is now over.

Photo by Samuel Rodriguez on Unsplash