They knew it would not be easy. They suspected that it might be dangerous. But what they probably did not expect was to lose their lives hunting the wet t-shirt ghosts of old Cancún.

When Dr. Randolf Droidletaum heard the phone ring on what was a blustery Monday evening this past April 3rd in his Twickenham townhouse, he claims a shiver went down his spine.

‘I knew immediately that the call was about them, that something had happened,’ he told The Gorko in a phone interview. ‘They were in over their heads with the wet t-shirt business, I told them they were, but they insisted on taking their cameras and heat sensors and going after them. They wanted to make a name for themselves in the world of paranormal investigation.’

Dr. Droidletaum, the founder of S.P.O.O.K. and Britain’s foremost researcher on paranormal phenomenon, said, ‘I feel as though I sent them to their deaths.’

The bodies of the five hunters were discovered in a dry arroyo outside of Hacienda Real on the outskirts of Cancún, necks twisted into unnatural bow-ties.

Dr. Droitletaum confirmed that the youths had been investigating an abandoned waterslide where there had been reports of mysterious, drunken shrieks and the rattling of mardi gras beads.

Photo by Mathieu Cheze on Unsplash