The Theme of the Week is Muscle Cars

Every week our Theme Expert, Teddy, goes into detail on a new theme. This week’s theme is Muscle Cars.

This week’s Theme is extremely important in the work of many modernist and contemporary poets. That’s right, it is Muscle Cars.

What are Muscle Cars? Who drives them, and where do they go? All excellent questions. It is important to remember some important facts about this Theme:

  • Muscle Cars are not always literal cars.
  • They often have amazing woofers.
  • Everyone fantasizes about muscles.

Not literal cars, you ask? Indeed, Muscle Cars are often just the imaginative toythings of an active three-year-old boy, OR sometimes Muscle Cars are not actually Muscle Cars, but just cars.

A “Muscle Car” in Europe

In other countries not Canada sometimes people have small, nice vehicles that they decorate like Muscle Cars. These cars may be considered part of today’s Theme.

Mexican Muscle Car, part of today’s Theme

Even if you don’t appreciate the aesthetic of the Muscle Car, surely you will not have trouble getting your groove on thanks to their huge stereo systems, that often knock items from actual walls if a house (think about this, contractor man) is built too close to the road.

Recent Muscle Car activity

Even if you don’t like cars or think about them a lot, you surely think about muscles. After all, your heart is a muscle. Your brain might be a muscle, too. Right?

A kind of Muscle Car

We are all Muscle Cars. It is a universal Theme.

Join Teddy every week while he goes stalking the internet in search of new Themes.

Photo by Jakub Sisulak on Unsplash

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Photo by Meveen Anton on Unsplash