by Mitchell Darkwing

A Three Entwined Asps Novel


“Princess Leatherhelm!” cried the gnome Jerrod, and he held out a small parcel wrapped in rough brown paper tied with a string.

“Gnome Jerrod,” smiled the Princess, halting her steed Megalus with a thrust of her flashing stirrups. “I shall under no circumstances accept gifts from you. Nay, for you must save your coppers for the long and arduous journey that lies ahead.”

The gnome Jerrod and his smiling companion, the dwarf prince Nabaloth, merely shook their beards and chuckled.

“No amount of copper could buy this gift, m’lady,” grunted Nabaloth, “nor silver nor gold, nor all the diamonds of Mount Entnortier, for we have made it with our very own wee hands.”

Princess Leatherhelm threw back her head and laughed until her long golden curls shook with mirth and tears came to her eyes. “My dear sirs,” she said with a ladylike shake of her white cloven chin, “in that case I gladly accept,” and with two adroit tugs the string came off and the paper fluttered to the…

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Photo by Yulya Korban on Unsplash