The Theme of the Week is Fruit

Every week our Theme Expert, Teddy, goes into detail on a new theme. This week’s theme is Fruit.

This week’s Theme has me extremely excited, guys. I don’t know what you think of corned beef hash or the truckloads of spoiled, uncooked chuck they cart out of Super Walmart every Wednesday (cleaning day at Super Walmart), but I would rather paint this world in the bright pastels of dragonfruit and kiwi, rotten or otherwise.

Where can we find the theme of Fruit in everyday life?

  • In the grocery store
  • At the back of the refrigerator
  • On trees in an orchard
  • In the wood carvings from our Victorian book club books
  • At the bottom of the ocean!!!!

Let’s take them one at a time, so as not to get dizzy.

First, the grocery store. Well, duh. Who has not seen the fruit and vegetable section in their local grocery store or Super Walmart? I want you to close your eyes and picture only the fruit in that section. According to Collins dictionary, Fruit is ‘the part of the plant that develops from a flower.’ Now I am not asking you to picture Flowers, but the bulbous, dangly, D-cup melons, and thick plantains, and mangos and oranges and gregarious strawberries that heap and cascade from the FRUIT & VEGGIE section bins. Reach out tentatively, so as not to frighten them, and squeeze a big papaya.

Secondly, the refrigerator. Now this may really test you weekly themers, but we are going to do it anyway. Again, close your eyes and picture your fridge. Go past the cold pizza, moldy cob of corn in congealed butter, that sticky half-drunk bottle of Pepsi-Cola, to the very darkest recesses of your icebox. Well well well, what have we here? It is indeed a piece of watermelon! Did you know that watermelon, too, is a fruit? Glory in the image — relish the bright reddish pink of the crunchy flesh.

Take a bite.

Thirdly, your pervert uncle Toby’s pear orchard, where you were seduced when still quite young, and for this reason have been unable to stomach the smell or appearance of a pear on your plate since the (?)th grade, like that time at the church picnic when one popped out at you from the Jello salad. The Theme of Fruit is everywhere.

Fourthly, in the wood carvings you find inside many of the books chosen for your Victorian Book Club, especially those by the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen, you can usually find Fruit. Look for the Fruit — it is on the sideboard, or hanging like cupids from the tree-lined gravel walk, or in the meaty palm of Darcy’s hand. You could even make your next book club gathering a treasure hunt for this juicy Theme.

Finally, and this really surprised me when I was doing my research on Google dot com, there is all kinds of Fruit under the sea: cucumber urchins, banana fish, and lettuce snails are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Join Teddy every week while he goes stalking the internet in search of new Themes.

Photo by Europeana