Gorkoglyph 1.4


This Gorkoglyph details the legend of rich Rupert R. Ripya, a Peoria-area dry goods millionaire who made his fortunate in the mid-90s, working his way up from ‘stocker boy’ in the Haberson & Sons Dry Goods Store to become founder and principal shareholder of the Ripya A New Dry Goods empire, built on the backs of underpaid, uninsured stocker boys and girls across the greater Midwest. Unfortunately for the greedy rich sociopath, he was shipwrecked on a cruise in the far Pacific and cannibalized by his own children, Steve and Beth, who subsequently inherited the dry goods chain. Glyph 3 refers to the Victorian-style seances rich Rupert would hold at his Peoria mansion in the years leading up to his gruesome death, at which he reportedly summoned his own future specter to describe the manner of his passing. ‘The specter lied,’ were his last, groaning words.