We stopped ten people on the street and asked them if they could give us the definition of hamper, because honestly if you won’t even give us the definition of hamper, you are real low.


Kyle: It is where you put the dirty laundry.

Amoy: It means to damper, put a damper on something.

Rebecca: It means to turn up, as in I always have to hamper the radio when you are rapping at me.

Renae: No, get away from me. I don’t like this.

Renae wouldn’t even give us the definition of hamper

Laadan and Tony (this counts as 1 person): No idea but probably like a basket.

[The Gorko: It is a basket.]

Francesca: Hamper, I mean I think I should know. Maybe, they say, maybe you say like a small fur? Furry, a small fur? Like you say, a pet.

[The Gorko: No, not a hamster. A hamper.]

Francesca: Ah yes, so now I know. Is a basket. Like for, like you say, the laundry.

[The Gorko: Correct. It is a basket.]

Uncle Toby: To interfere with. As in, curtail, be cur [sic] with.

[The Gorko: No, not a cur. A hamper.]

Uncle Toby: No, what.

Ryan: To suffer or feel shame on account of, I think.

[The Gorko: ….]

Ryan: No, I can’t think of an example.

Luz: It is where you go in, at that part of the doorway. My uncle has a hamper. I think come to think of it we all have hampers, if we have a house.

Rory: It’s a picnic. But a really nice picnic.

[The Gorko: ….]

Rory: I have had one or two not nice picnics, yeah. They were not big hampers.

Photo of a hamper by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo of woman in subway by Filip Mroz on Unsplash