Lullabye Records’ latest ambient soundtrack, Ambient Sounds for Sleep 6: Mexican Nights, claims to use the authentic background noise of Mexico to create a relaxing, white noise to help you relax and sleep. Previous soundtracks in the series have been Sticks Cracking in the Woods, Sudden Thumps, Gorillas in the Near Distance, Labored Breathing, Sirens: Police and Paramedic, and Perpetual Barking.

Here are the top tracks on the new release:

‘Bottle Rockets For Dawn Mass’

‘Roosters Right Overhead / F*ckers Are on the Roof’

‘Banda Music On Repeat / Baby Won’t Hurtchu No More’

‘The Tortilla Truck Goes Round the Block’ / ‘Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! Get your tortillas! Hot, spongy, delicious tortillas! Tortillas for me! Tortillas for you! Tortillas for all! Tortillas Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas!)

‘High-Pitched Steam Whistle at Midnight Means The Sweet Potato Man Is Here’

‘Drunken Cowboy Whooping Comes and Goes’

‘You Sub-Woofers So Rad, Man’

‘Dogfight at Dawn’

‘Religious Procession with Firecrackers, Loudspeakers and Bullwhips at 5 am’

‘Mariachi in My Window’

The new record is due out 27 October. Details at

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash