Upcoming Movie: ‘Michelob Has Fallen’

Since your uncle Toby insists on only drinking lite beer and because it was his barbecue and all you had to do was just go across the lawn in your shorts with some sweet corn, well, sure let’s drink a Michelob, but your hand was not accustomed to such a light lite beer and that Michelob went over like a welterweight in the second round, right off the edge of the barbecue, twisting violently in the air, and was crushed on the patio, to everyone’s horror.

Michelob has fallen. I repeat, Michelob has fallen.

Michelob Has Fallen is a new short narrative produced by First Person Shooter Pikcs and available on DVD or straight-to-dumpster August 14th.

Movie reviews and insight from Toby’s nephew Tiff TBC, TLC at The Gorko.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash