Upcoming Movie: ‘Assault on Cell Block Number Nine or Was It Nineteen’

Writer-director and lead actor Donny Dumanavich might have spent a millisecond more pondering the confusing and unnecessary title of his latest action blockbuster, Assault on Cell Block Number Nine or Was It Nineteen, because the movie clearly details the deadly assault in January 2006 by prisoners on San Quentin Cell Block 9 (Nine). There is absolutely no reference to Cell Block 19 (Nineteen) in the film OR the wikipedia page of the eponymous riot.

‘We already had the posters when the thing about the title came up, so, yeah, and they were super grody,’ Dumanavich told members of the press this week. The posters mentioned in the quote are, indeed, super grody.

Grody, adjective
grodier; grodiest
US slang
Revolting; gross beyond description

The movie, whatever it is called, is due for a wide release later this month.


Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash