Upcoming Movie: ‘Lighthouse Museum’

The highly anticipated, terrifying new film from director Oswald Perkins, Lighthouse Museum, takes the familiar milieu of the abandoned lighthouse with one crazy person inside and turns it completely on its head: in this year’s upcoming thriller from Beaucoup Studios, the abandoned lighthouse has been nicely refurbished and fitted with a gift shop, staffed with ten friendly, easy-going locals, and is located only about 100 yards from the bustling modern town of Rhodes Bay.

‘Lighthouse Museum is not your traditional lighthouse horror story,’ Perkins explained to a group of reporters outside his Missouri studio, before signing for the takeout. ‘It is more a happy-go-lucky take on the contemporary tourist industry.’

Apparently nothing really happens in this movie, but with the help of the soaring soundtrack and not a few actors prone to tears, you will experience strong, warm emotions.


Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash