Family pet hamster Squeaky was found carefully laid out on the living room carpet this morning, dead as a doormouse.

‘We will find out who murdered Squeaky,’ exclaimed local child Nadira, holding up the household’s prime suspect Nyan Nyan (pictured below), a known mouser.

Nyan Nyan’s whereabouts at the time of the murder are unknown

Nyan Nyan for her part only said, ‘Nyan nyan,’ and would admit to nothing regarding the brutal crime or her whereabouts between midnight and 7 am this morning.

Other suspects include the two-year-old calico Kenzo, Lucy the aloof Siamese, and Jack the smug American shorthair, none of whom have alibis for the window of time in question.

Jack declined to comment on the tragic situation

‘We will find out who killed her, and they will PAAAAAAAAAY,’ wailed Nadira.

Photo by Kim Green on Unsplash
Photo by Chalaphan Mathong on Unsplash
Photo by Bob van Aubel on Unsplash