The Gorko monthly POETRY challenge

Guess the name of this shitty poem by Los Decepcionados getaway driver Felipe Starks, composed probably in the summer of 1923 in Cincinnati.


So many of my letters are
Just from the dearest girls in the world
Who count themselves the bread winners
In showers and in wedding gifts.
What did ten girls in an office do when their friend
Would marry a young doctor with very little money
But a splendid fellow for all of that
Three dollars apiece was all they could afford
Which pooled after tea was served
Afforded the bride-to-be with half a dozen teaspoons
A half a dozen forks, and six pearl-handled knives.
That was her wedding present from the ten of them
They told her glibly, as she wept.

The answer shall be revealed in next month’s Poetry Challenge.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash