Book Excerpt: ‘Call Waiting: A Haunted Cell Phone Mystery’ by Mitch Jackson

Our movie reviewer and lodger Mitchell Kennedy has apparently branched out into the field of Young Adult fiction, writing under the pseudonym of Mitch Jackson. We found the following page in the prodigy’s typewriter.

Call Waiting: A Haunted Cell Phone Mystery

Julie’s boyfriend Todd had been dead only a week when the strange call waiting messages started appearing on her cell phone. Wiping away a tear, Julie stared in disbelief at the line that awaited in her inbox:


No one in the world but she and Todd knew his secret nickname for her, Jewelpussy, so she knew immediately it had to be her dead boyfriend speaking to her from beyond the gra

And that is as far as Mitch Jackson got with this one, but we fear that he MAY have written himself into a corner. After all, the mystery is pretty much solved, isn’t it? Dead Todd is talking to living Jewelpussy on her magical cell. Amazing. Mitchell went storming off to a matinee with @Todd hidden under his trench coat, so maybe he will be able to finish the thought later tonight. Or if not, oh well.

Photo by Ghen Mar Cuaño on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash