Portrait by Jen: Lemon Reilly

Portrait of Gorko staff psychiatrist Lemon Reilly, compliments of Jen of MoronicArts.com. We asked Jen to provide their impressions of Lemon, the guru and truth seeker. They are printed below.


Lemon has a head like a hole. The essential snake-oils did not help. Wanting to cure their road rash, they go to the local woo-practitioner for help. 

‘How’s that high colonic workin’ for ya?’ the operator April asks.

‘Twenty is not enough. I need 50!’




Jen is a gothic weirdo who makes up stories about fake people doing stupid things, and posts them to their blog called MoronicArts. Sometimes Jen draws strange pictures. Size matters; over 300 of these short and even shorter stories might be found at MoronicArts.com.  Maybe.