Portrait by Jen: Raddy

Portrait of Gorko EIC and EIG Raddy, compliments of Jen of MoronicArts.com. We asked Jen to provide their impressions of Raddy, the hunter and pecker. They are printed below.


Raddy uses a typewriter attached to a parakeet cage to type his stories.

‘How do I use this thing to post my stories to The Gorko Gazette?’


‘No not Twitter, The Gorko Gazette.’

‘Type I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T,’ the green budgie replies.

‘Done. Why won’t this article post?’ Raddy thinks aloud, scratching his head.

‘Type R-U-N, then return,’ the blue budgie replies, feathers ruffled.

Raddy hunts and pecks. 

‘Return from where?’

The budgies squawk while flapping their wings, eat some millet, and go poop in their water dish.


Jen is a gothic weirdo who makes up stories about fake people doing stupid things, and posts them to their blog called MoronicArts. Sometimes Jen draws strange pictures. Size matters; over 300 of these short and even shorter stories might be found at MoronicArts.com.  Maybe.