So you just got that coveted promotion and have been regaled across timezones by coworkers you have never met or smelled, and others you most definitely have. You are extremely popular right now, feeling sexy, looking great, and about to blow through a bunch of cash this weekend surrounded by other intelligent, beautiful people. That is all fine and good. The question we have for you is, would they watch you direct traffic?

Would they literally stand on a crowded, damp sidewalk and watch as you and no one but you performed an essentially redundant job that involves whistling, raising your arms, holding a hand palm up to signal STOP, and waving to signal PROCEED?

Would they literally watch you direct traffic in a geeky uniform, my friend?

Are you so fascinating to your peers that they would tell their spouses or significant others that no, they could not make it to a show and dinner or out for drinks, because they had something better to do, which was to stand in all kinds of weather and watch you direct traffic?

Would they protest, but you have to see this person direct traffic, you have never seen anything so incredible!

Would they gush to their friends, Last night I was watching S—— K—- direct traffic and man I would watch that angel of the crosswalk direct traffic every single day?

Would they write a letter to their congressperson begging you to be allowed to direct traffic night and day, and to put on a sort of traffic directing circus that went from major intersection to major intersection in Peoria?

Just wondering because you may be a bigshot now, but until you can say with confidence that they would watch you direct traffic, maybe stay in your lane man.

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash