2 Transformative Poems by Alexander Carrigan

Willow Pill, The Morning After…

Hello, my children.
Welcome to Willow’s World!
I quit drag!
Today is the day, y’all!
Y’all asked, and you shall receive!

I just walked into an important appointment
and said, “so sorry I’m late, I had a personal emergency!”
with my hair freshly dyed and
a hot pink Ulta bag in my hand.
She’s a comedienne.

I was going through my room today
and found this picture of RuPaul
I kept pinned to the wall of my hotel room
during filming to remind me she’s human like me.
Can someone edit this
so my eyes are lasering into her ass?
I’ll kiss you.

The only person’s opinion I care about:
Luther Vandross.
He has my number.
Let’s spend eternity in Hell.
I love you my baby!
A thousand kisses from
you is never too much.

I’m so proud of my win,
but I definitely had an advantage
not having to cosplay as a Republican.
Y’all adult gays sending hate to
a 21 year old living their dream
on Drag Race because you didn’t
love their outfit is so weird.
Like, look at yourself in the mirror
and maybe cry a little bit.

Remember, there are almost
a million people on the planet,
and each and every one of you is special!

Hold on,
I’m being informed there are
seven billion people.
I take this back!

Whatever happens tonight,
we’re all ugly.
Love you babe!!!!!

Source: @WillowPillQueen

Adore Delano Sees the Face of God in a Pizza Grease Stain

I don’t blame Cardi for deleting her socials.
This shit is yawn now.

Normalize wearing AirPods
in public spaces and pretending
you’re in a music video.
Sometimes self-love is
wearing a face mask while playing Jewel.

I think we’re gonna hop back on the health journey.
I think after six years of being vegetarian,
I’m going to try to become vegan.
I’ll let you know how it’s going in a month.
I ate my weight in carbs in the lounge before the flight
and now I’m munching on chips and pretzels.

I love memoirs – so far I’ve read Elvira’s,
Drew Barrymore’s, Miriam Margolyes’,
Goldie Hawn’s, Jewel’s, and Jessica Simpson’s…
I need to write a book soon.

I accept all pronouns:

I always feel so bad when people
misgender me specially when they’re older.
I’m always like,
‘no worries.. sorry I’m a bad bitch..’

I live different lives each day,
so I want us all to feel
welcomed and safe at all times.

Wow. Me for president.
I’m crying.

Source: @AdoreDelano

Photo by Ian Smith on Unsplash


Alex Carrigan (he/him; @carriganak) is an editor, poet, and critic from Virginia. His debut poetry chapbook, May All Our Pain Be Champagne: A Collection of Real Housewives Twitter Poetry (Alien Buddha Press, 2022), was longlisted for Perennial Press’ 2022 Chapbook Awards. He has had fiction, poetry, and literary reviews published in Quail Bell Magazine, Lambda Literary Review, Barrelhouse, Sage Cigarettes (Best of the Net Nominee, 2023), ‘Stories About Penises’ (Guts Publishing, 2019), and more.