Book Excerpt: ‘She Rode in on a Horse Named Cleveland’ by Mitch Grey

The 245th book in the Horse Named Cleveland series, none published.

We found this latest unpublished manuscript in the creative studio of our movie reviewer, Mitchell Kennedy, while he was on the pot. He has been writing westerns for several weeks now, sending out queries under the name of Mitch Grey.

She Rode in on a Horse Named Cleveland



A sharp clip-clopping sound of iron hooves announced the approach of a rider. Mitch tipped his cowboy hat back on his long, golden curls and squinted into the afternoon light.

To his surprise, Mitch the cowboy saw that the rider was a beautiful, lanky woman with something of the Comanche about her: maybe it was the long straight black hair, the moccasins, or the decorative beads on the stranger’s deerskin cuff that tipped Mitch off.

‘Howdy, stranger,’ Mitch managed in his cowboy manner, talking around a stalk of gr

And that is as far as Mitch got with this one. We suspect there may be some sex coming up, judging purely from the chapter title. We will post updates as fast as Mitch Grey can provide them!


White horse photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash
Lady and horse photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash