The Lemondrop Dream Blog: Cooking With Lemon

Hello friends. My name is Lemon Reilly (@LemonReilly), Life Doctor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Homeopath with offices in both Reno and Mexico City.

I often dream of waterslides and artificial wave pools after I eat Lemondrop Recipe #35 (Goulash & Brown Rice). Is this normal?
-Wet and Wild in Jersey City

If you don’t like waterparks but are still looking for a thrill, Wet, try one of my recipes in the 40’s. I particularly recommend Lemondrop Recipe #44 (Glazed Carrots & Mash) for adventure seekers. If you want a quiet night, on the other hand, try cooking in the Lemondrop 100’s.

Last night I woke up screaming. In my dream I had been going up a skyscraper in…(the dream goes on for 3 pages)…and that is when I woke up. Is this normal?
-Terry-fied of Heights in Fort Lauderdale

I often wake up screaming, and I sleep with my eyes open. It’s completely normal, Terry. Many patients find that after many years of therapy they are able to work through their fear of screaming. Try screaming for short intervals before you go to sleep in order to get it out of your system. Just remember to make the screams happy screams. I also have a feeling that the larger issue, however, may be the feelings of jealousy that you harbor against your older sister Beth. Beth is also a patient of mine and she is one of the most amazing people I know. Be like Beth. Be more outgoing, more loving, and more self-assured. Go to sleep with a clean conscience, no matter what you have done, with no feelings of ill-will against any EC (Earth Child). Feel your spiritual energy flow and grow in Reno. If that doesn’t work, take three spoonfulls of Lemondrop Tonic #12 before bed.

For two years now my wife and I have been sleeping in different bedrooms because I snore loudly, and she is a very light sleeper. Two months ago a strange man entered our house while I was asleep and had his way with her. She was furious with me for a long time but did not tell me what had happened until she realized that she was pregnant. I insisted on a DNA test and it turns out that the baby is mine! Is this normal? (I have suffered from quadriplegia since 2013.)
-Paralyzed With Happiness in Ontario

The therapeutic benefits of somnambulism and somnisexual intercourse has a long and storied history as a remedy for paralysis and facial nerve disorders, Paralyzed. I can only hope that you both continue to make strides in your sleeping life.