Book Excerpt: ‘Mr. Mitchell’s Bookshop of Wonders Come in Children’ by Mitchell Greybeard

This is what we found in Mitchell’s creative studio this morning, an unfinished treatment of a bittersweet coming-of age-novel, a real tearjerker.

Mr. Mitchell’s Bookshop of Wonders Come in Children

A Bittersweet Bookshop Novel by Mitchell Greybeard


Dingle dingle, went the door to Mr. Mitchell’s Bookshop of Wonders, and the proprietor himself, a lean but powerfully built man of sixty-five with silky grey hair and a bemused expression seemingly frozen on his kindly, wise face, looked up from his seat behind the counter and peered over his spectacles at the newcomer.

To his surprise, he saw that it was a young child in tattered clothing, a ragamuffin of sorts! Closing his book after carefully marking the spot (page 167), the kindly old man (who looked like a wizard) cleared his throat and addressed the street urchin.

‘Why hello my finely shaped young pretty thi

And that is as far as Mitchell had gotten with this one before nature called. There goes his telltale tenth flush, so we are signing out. Til next time!


Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash