Upcoming Movie: ‘Christmas Confexxxion 3’

The latest Candycane Productions straight-to-DVD release, Christmas Confexxxion 3, is just in time for the holiday season, and boy are we gingerbready for this one. Starring Jane Cheddar and Clark Tony as Mrs. and Santa Claus, respectively, the movie deals with a side of the Claus family you might not have seen before: weepy dysfunction, ultimate betrayal, and revenge murder, all through the lens of Caligula-style orgy porn.

Although brutal, the ultimate message of Christmas Confexxxion 3 is uplifting and gentle, keeping with the tradition of Christmas Confexxxion and Christmas Confexxxion 2. Jane Cheddar’s character says it best, after sticking an axe into Santa Claus’s back: ‘Just when you think the whole world has forgotten you, you find a stick of hard candy with your name on it.’

Whatever you do, don’t go into this movie with your pants on.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash