Book Excerpt: ‘Taffy Blonde: From Russia With A Makarov’ by Ian Mitchell

The 003RD book in the IAN MITCHELL SERIES.

It is no mistake that Mitchell has been checking out stacks of Ian Fleming novels from the library under an assumed name. He is now calling himself Ian Mitchell, and dressing in that one-size-too-small black suit he got at Goodwill, and apparently trying his hand at his own espionage novel series. Here is an excerpt from the elegantly titled Taffy Blonde: From Russia With A Makarov.

Taffy Blonde: From Russia With A Makarov

An Ian Mitchell novel

CHAPTER 001: The Final Surprise

Drawing her lethal Makarov from a small black handbag, Taffy Blonde drew a bead on her would-be assailant in the alleyway, pulled off her mask, and squeezed the trigger without waiting to hear what the man (he is innocent, and was not actually going to assault her) had to say.

The report of the gun echoed down the empty street, and Taffy Blonde calmy walked away, stepping over the crumpled form of Dr. Mitchell Kennedy, who still clutched the mysterious vial in one twitching, gloved hand.

‘Stop right there,’ a voice said, and the ruggedly handsome form of Ian Mitchell stepped from the shadows of Krivokolennyi Lane and placed one muscular hand on the naked arm of Taffy Blonde.

‘Ivan, my love,’ cried Taffy Blonde, throwing herself into her interlocutor’s arms. ‘I thought you were still in Moscow!’

‘I had to see you, my darling,’ cooed the hands

And that is as far as Mitch apparently got in Chapter 001. He will be back from the 7-Eleven with a bag of treats any second now, so without further adieu, do svidaniya!

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