The Lemondrop Dream Blog: Fat and Skinny Cows

Hello friends. My name is Lemon Reilly (@LemonReilly), Life Doctor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Homeopath with offices in both Reno and Mexico City.


Last night I was speaking a strange and wonderful fairy language in my dreams, Lemondrop. I could fly and heal people with my words and my house was full of light and happiness, even the basement and closet and other spaces that we have talked about on the phone.
-‘Leaf’ Erickson in Reno

I believe you are making strides forward in your dream life, ‘Leaf’! Use your newfound confidence to shed some light on your waking life this week. Did you by chance happen to note down any of the magical words you were using? They may come in handy next time we use The Power of Love Compels You ‘songcantation’.


How many times during the night is it it ok to use the bathroom? Is twice normal? How does it affect one’s dream life?
-Tennessee in Georgia

Most accomplished seekers do not go to the bathroom during the night, Tennessee. Their urinary and digestive routines are completely regular due to the complete ease with which they breathe, and because they only eat bushy greens. In addition, if you are not at peace with the Life Givers you will naturally spend a lot of your night tossing and turning and even wetting yourself. I usually recommend deep hypnotic trance music under the watchful eye of a trusted Life Doctor. (Do not try this at home by yourself, L.O.L.)


I am a Dream Analyst who has his own blog ( and I disagree with a lot of the things you write in this column. Your advice about fat and skinny cows would horrify any right-thinking dream interpretation professional, and what you said about walking through lava was positively not normal.

Thank you for your wonderful message, David. Many people assume that I will become angry or depressed when they criticize me, only to find that their criticism has quite the opposite effect. Would you like to know what I do, David? I go down into a deep space I like to call my study and I look at the certificates of achievement on my wall, and I breathe deeply and a sad smile plays across my face. May the EM guide you to adjust your interpersonal paradigm, David, and may you have a wonderful day.
-Lemondrop Reilly, CHt, CHom, DrA, FiU, SnFu, LsDr, WiI, Life Doctor