Upcoming Movie: ‘The Mattress 3’

All is not as it seems in the Wegacha sisters’ much-anticipated sequel to the science fiction blockbuster franchise ‘The Mattress’ and ‘The Mattress Flipped’, now entering its 20th year and no less relevant for Generation Mil youth with its authorized guarantee of sturdy, supportive, and durable orthopedic comfort. The latest installment in ‘The Mattress’ trilogy boasts a quilted three-inch fiberfill pillowtop, layers of high density foam, steel coils that respond to movement and improve breathability, a coil system to prevent sagging and improve airflow, and reinforced foam around the edges so the movie doesn’t flop or sag when you turn it on and off.

It may not be Gorko Film of the Year Award material, but it should be about as comfy and fun as you and whoever you choose to try it out with want to make it.

Please no jumping.

Photo by Filmreal Studio on Unsplash