Book Excerpt: ‘Where the Butterflies Sing’ by Twitchy Mitchy

Our movie reviewer and boarder Mitchell Kennedy, writing under the pseudonym Twitchy Mitchy for the first time since 2003, apparently is working on a thriller set in the piranha-ridden swamps of South Carolina.

‘Do you think there are piranhas in this swamp?’ asked Flicker Mahomes with a shiver, adjusting her army surplus backpack on her bony white shoulders and checking the safety on her rifle.

‘There used to be all kinds of fish and snakes in these glades, but then came global warming, and the huge carcinogenic pesticide spill of 1987 that cost me a mother,’ grunted the grizzled form of Roth Clarksmarker, squinting across the lagoon across which the two soldiers were carefully moving, feeling in the muck with their boots.

‘Oh no,’ cried Flicker, ‘does this mean we will get cancer?’

Roth smiled one of his famous smiles, shaking his head. ‘Just follow me, and if you fall in be sure not to drink any of it.’

A butterfly, blue and orange, rose from a moss-covered log, and its magical voice

That was as far as we got in this one before we heard Twitchy Mitchy come home from the tanning salon. More next time from our budding bestselling novelist.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash