Pages of poems by Jason Visconti

page 1

There Is A Demon Inside Us

Its rage is large with luster like an untamed moonbeam,
And these moonbeams dance together in a wicked dance,
It turns all lunar love into another thing,
Eclipse this moon but have a harvest by chance,
When it reappears with all that light will bring.

page 2

The Final Dance

They breach the dollhouse with the fine detail of no doll,
Bodies will lose the privilege of the floor,
And every motion will be put to pause like a well-placed pearl,
Melancholy will waltz itself out the door,
The spotlight flickers forever as it turns.

page 3

The Wrong Wedding

The bride and groom have parched the poem and put out their nuptials,
The maid-of-honor drags in like an impromptu guest,
And all the flower stems shake off their burden of petals,
Until the garden of sacrimony is a mess,
Something’s in the suits that makes hell’s parade of the hall.


When Receiving The Wrong Prize

Your ribboned box will arrive with no rights of red,
Its contents throwing a mischievous tantrum,
The thesis of its six sides erased,
No gentle swim towards that longing bottom,
The ache of discovery trapped in lace.


Jason Visconti has attended both group and private poetry workshops. His work has appeared in various journals, including Eunoia Review, Valley Voices, Literary Yard, California Quarterly, and The American Journal of Poetry. He especially enjoys the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Billy Collins.

Photo by Colin Gee