Upcoming Movie: ‘I Am Smokey’


I Am Smokey is the true life story of Smokey the Bear. This film gives a raw and honest look into the life of the jolly bear we all thought we knew but never bother to take seriously. Follow him through his many years of work in the U.S. Forest Service and the indignities he suffered by those who did not heed his message. After many years of failed wildfire prevention campaigns and disillusioned by peoples apathy towards the national forests Smokey hangs up his ranger hat and goes into seclusion. Two decades later we find him alone, broke and struggling with mental health. When facing his fourth DUI and heavy jail time the judge offers him one final life line, community service at a local hospital. After meeting Amber, a 10 year old burned victim from a wildfire Smokey is forced to face his past and broken oath to ‘keep others safe’. With no other option other than to keep showing up to the hospital, Smokey is forced to wonder if he could have saved Amber. Witness this harrowing story of a bear who has lost his reason to be and a young girl who still believes in heroes.

Image created on DALL-E