‘In the Early Twentieth Century’ and 3 more by Peter J. Dellolio

In the Early Twentieth Century

In the early twentieth century Coney Island was the playground of the world.
German shepherd puppies are exceptionally cute.
There is something very satisfying about a pink sunset on the shore.
I read many books riding the train to and from work.
Corporate culture at ad agencies is often toxic.
Ivory soap is supposed to be very good for the skin.
It must be fascinating to see the Grand Canyon for the first time.

The Era of the Speakeasy

The era of the Speakeasy was both alluring and dangerous.
My Favorite Martian had very quirky theme music.
What ever happened to Bosco for chocolate milk?
An all black outfit always makes a dramatic statement.
The waves are very rough along the New Jersey shore.
Chess sets made of marble or onyx are very elegant.
A roomful of mannequins is unsettling and eerie.
Number 13 has haunted the imagination for centuries.
Freud believed that everyone was neurotic (setting aside the question of degree).

Can You Believe

Can you believe that a large bag of Wise potato chips was only five cents?
Does anyone really think that there were pyramids on Mars?
Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes is very moving.
I remember when Officer Joe Bolton hosted The Three Stooges.
Supposedly it takes a long time to die from crucifixion.
Yage and Peyote are extremely hallucinogenic.
Mixing Scotch and Vodka is never a good idea.
Bogart was the epitome of cool confidence in The Big Sleep.

Extremely Cold Weather

Extremely cold weather fills him with a terrible sense of desolation.
The elegance of Brownstones is very enchanting.
Remember those Good Humor ice pops shaped like rockets?
Many people cannot be hypnotized.
Vintage motor cycle jackets cost a fortune.
Warhol’s Brillo boxes sold for almost a million dollars each.
The smell of salt air on a hot summer day is intoxicating.
Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is delicious.


Born 1956 New York City.  Went to Nazareth High School and New York University.  Graduated 1978: BA Cinema Studies; BFA Film Production.  Wrote and directed various short films, including James Joyce’s short story Counterparts which he adapted into a screenplay.  Counterparts was screened at national and international film festivals.  A freelance writer, Peter has published many 250-1000 word articles on the arts, film, dance, sculpture, architecture, and culture, as well as fiction, poetry, one-act plays, and critical essays on art, film, and photography.   Poetry collections “A Box Of Crazy Toys” published 2018 by Xenos Books/Chelsea Editions and “Bloodstream Is An Illusion Of Rubies Counting Fireplaces” published February 2023 by Cyberwit/Rochak Publishing.  He is working on a critical study of Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock’s Cinematic World: Shocks of Perception and the Collapse of the Rational.  Chapter excerpts have appeared in The Midwest Quarterly, Literature/Film Quarterly, Kinema, Flickhead, and North Dakota Quarterly since 2006.  His poetry and fiction have appeared in various literary magazines, including AntennaAero-Sun TimesBogus ReviewPen-Dec PressBoth Sides NowCross Cultural Communications/Bridging The Waters Volume II, and The Mascara Literary Review.  Dramatika Press published a volume of his one-act plays in 1983.  One of these, The Seeker, appeared in an issue of Collages & Bricolages.  Peter was a contributing editor for NYArts Magazine, writing art and film reviews.