Citing the one-year COVID lockdown, a world-wide health emergency that saw most of the business sector working from home, as primary culprit, design critic Ashamore Judd of exystudiotime.com apologized for the latest fashion fad: sweatpants in the workplace.

‘There are quite a lot of professionals who have been happy to slip back into their power suits,’ she told The Gorko from the counter of a local delicatessan, ‘and then there are the rest of us, who literally can not slip back into anything.’

Not to mince words, we done got fat, and it is changing the fashion world right beneath our chins.

‘Sweatpants can be an elegant choice,’ Judd continued, motioning to her own sweat-wicking army-green-with-red-piping Adidas RITO┬«s. ‘It is not an old man’s game anymore.’

Even some of the trendiest fashion designer brands are jumping on the sweatpants wagon. Both Been Trill and Khaite have plans to put sweatpants on the red carpet.


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Photo by Jade Scarlato on Unsplash