Correct another week in a row, old chap, that is to say that you called it, good show: It’s Teatime Tuesday! Take your burnt toast coffee and scrambled eggs and bacon and shove off, American cousins, because today is Teatime Tuesday, and it only comes once a week here in Shroughboroughtonsteadshire (“Lamshur”).

What do have we here, well in addition to the English cuppa (black with milk and lumps of sugar) there are scones with clotted cream and blackberry jam, tea sandwiches, meat pastries, and Victoria sponge. Uncle Toby as usual insisted that it would not be Teatime Tuesday without his famous salmon bites with champagne, but it is not clear whether he is sharing the bubbly.

Apparently there are also mini marshmallows in a saucer, bagsy on those lovelies. Bravo, smashing do innit. Toby’s your uncle on Teatime Tuesday.

Foto de Sebastian Coman Photography en Unsplash