Submissions are now open for The Gorko Bigfoot Special. We are looking for articles, stories, poetry, cartoons, or whatever about Bigfoot, Yeti, Wildman, Wood Ape, Iceman, Skunk Ape, Grassman, Wendigo, Hairy Man, Abominable Snowman or other bigfeet / bigfoots.

Send Bigfoot material Attn: Raddy to ~1-2 pages for prose, up to 3 poems.

Funny or scary, we want to put out a collection of your takes on Bigfoot, whatever they are, and by takes we mean whatever you think of immediately when someone says Bigfoot. What do you picture? The Gorko‘s contributions will be typically absurd but the several pieces already in the inbox are quirky, impulsive, and hair-raising.

We do enjoy going down the cryptid rabbit hole but are no great students ourselves of Sasquatch. The theme came to Raddy in a hypnagogic dream in which he was already editing The Bigfoot Special, so this collection will not be for cryptid nerds, but for dreamers.

Standard submission policies apply (see The Bigfoot Special will be available in .pdf format for download. Actual cover reveal TBD.

Sasquatch ya waiting for?