Poop reports on THE breaking news stories from around the globe with the help of her sassy sidekick Scoop.

News Flash: Severe storm approaching

A severe storm, with lightning, hail, and rain, is expected somewhere. Someday.

We’ll keep you posted.

Illegal Immigration

Jackalopes, just removed from the endangered species list, are fleeing from Wyoming to the North Pole. Claiming to be distant relatives to the reindeer, they say they are only visiting family. Border patrol guards suspect they are looking for work with Santa, and will most likely stay indefinitely.

No More Christmas?

The U.S. government demanded that Santa trade in his reindeer and sleigh for an electric vehicle. Santa replied that charging the vehicle in the middle of delivering presents would take too much time for him to complete his rounds. He canceled Christmas.

Angry parents threatened to stop working when they heard the news. Fearing economic collapse, government officials rescinded their demands.

Christmas will occur as usual.

Man Leaves Favorite Chair to Cat

Mr. Mark Smith arose from his favorite chair at halftime to get another beer. When he returned, Muffy had taken over the chair and wouldn’t move. As of this writing, Muffy has yet to share the chair with Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith learned the hard way that cats own everything.

Scoop Refuses to Turn the Clocks Back

Scoop, editor of Scoop the Poop, thought Congress passed the law to abolish time changes.

She refused to change the clocks, and now wakes the CEO of Scoop the Poop at the ungodly hour of 1:15 a.m.

Scoop doesn’t know that the CEO is looking for someone stupid enough to give a broken alarm dog a new home.

Poop on the lookout for her next scoop.
Scoop and Poop at Bored Meeting
Scoop editing the news (later suspended without pay for working without a license)


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