Poop reports on THE breaking news stories from around the globe with the help of her sassy sidekick Scoop.

Drugstore Refuses to Refund Returns

The Dead End Drugstore refused to refund Wilma Grant’s returns the day after Christmas.

Wilma claimed that her husband hadn’t worked for five years, and she finally decided to replace his batteries when he refused to leave his easy chair for dinner. She couldn’t find the battery and hazardous waste receptacle, so she decided to return the batteries and her husband. The drugstore manager refused to issue a refund because the battery package was opened, and her husband was used.

Police later confirmed that Wilma’s husband was dead and didn’t need new batteries.

Wife Drives Husband to Drink

That’s right. Marge Castle, our own town gossip, drove her husband to the bar yesterday. Maybe she just wanted to show off her new used Mazda. But will she pick him up? Harry Castle isn’t sure.

Scoop Tries to Cross Dress

Nolcha wanted to dress Poop in a sweater for a frigid early-morning business trip. (Poop is a Wyoming dog now, and sweaters are a nuisance, even if she freezes to the ground.) Scoop attempted to jump into Poops’ sweater while Poop attempted to scoot out. It was anybody’s guess as to who would win, but Nolcha was pretty certain it wouldn’t be her. Through some minor miracle, Nolcha pushed Scoop away and slipped the sweater onto Poop.

Scoop vowed to get into Poop’s clothes again, when Nolcha isn’t looking.

Poop and Scoop waiting for the money to roll in from their news stories. Or maybe they’re just waiting for food to waltz in.


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