E.I.C. Colin ‘Raddy’ Gee

E.I.C. / E. I. G. Editor In Chief Colin ‘Raddy’ Gee began publishing The Gorko Gazette in the 90s. Originally from Wisconsin, he now lives in southern Mexico. He is a real person.

Colin Gee has poetry and fiction in Misery Tourism, Expat Press, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Exacting Clam, Versification punk poetry, Roi Fainéant, Bullshit Lit, and elsewhere around the web.

His poetry chapbook fear of sleep from Alien Buddha is available on Amazon.

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Entertainment Editor Mitchell Kennedy

Mitchell Kennedy (M.F.A. Film Studies 1984, Leonard University) is the Gorko entertainment editor. He writes the weekly film column Mitch’s Movie Mash with his puppy Ampersat Todd. While @Todd is a real puppy named Millie, Mitch is not a real person. He is actually Colin.

@Todd loves movies!

Life Doctor Lemon Reilly

Lemon Reilly (@LemonReilly) is a Life Doctor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Homeopath with offices in both Reno and Mexico City. They write The Lemondrop Dream Blog, a right living and hypnotism column at The Gorko Gazette. They is not a real person. They is actually Colin.