Oh no, Derek is a giant again.

Truly appalling this time, though. He has run through town wearing nothing but a basket.

There is nothing wrong with wearing just a basket.

No of course not, but this was a GIANT basket.

To cover his giant egg and bangers.

Eggs and banger.

Touché. I just hate when my house crumbles around my ears on Easter morning.

Aren’t you preaching to the choir! I had to unblend my morning SlimQuack shake. Those things cost fourteen bucks a pop.

How do you unblend a milkshake?

Just hit reverse on the blender. Have you ever used a blender?

No. I had to unknot my laundry after the tornado bounced through my yard. A small tornado but still.

More like a dust devil. Fortunately you have insurance.

Not on the skivvies.

Doggone Derek, done it again.

My car is missing, of course.

My whole trailer is missing.

Fortunately you had already moved out. Was Fawn in it when it went?

No idea.

I hate how he just bellows that he can’t hear us, our voices are too shrill for his mighty ears.

Even when a small man he was still a pretty big prick.

Please don’t say pretty big prick again.

Sorry, right. Do you suppose he’ll come back?

He always has.

Right, yes, Derek always seems to get cut back down to size. Or maybe this time he made it to the top.

I doubt it.

Derek, a giant again. Going to have to resurface all of these streets.

The National Guard has set up a soup kitchen.

Oh nice, I will collect my underwear from the neighbor’s yard and see you there when I get dressed.

Yeah, put something on, maybe Fawn is over there.

I was getting used to the basket. Besides it is a catch-22, I can’t go into the neighbors’ yard wearing no clothes, but I need to go into the neighbors’ yard to get my clothes.

Think about how Derek must feel.

He seemed perfectly fine with the whole arrangement.

He’s a giant. You’re just a guy.

Going to go get my guys.

Photo by Richie Nolan on Unsplash