‘COUNTRY MUSIC?’ by Adam Van Winkle


by Adam Van Winkle

Lazy golden Sunday sunlight
Or was it just once white sheen
With the drapes tinted by cigarettes at night
Tinged with smoke and nicotine
After a day fightin snakes with our pistols

Mom yelled and Daddy drank
Silver beers foul and foetid
Though Sunday afternoons meant
Old westerns on TV after country music
Played Sunday mornin for our souls

Or was it the American Graffiti soundtrack
There’s a war between nostalgia and memory of reality
Maybe I should take it all back
Maybe none of us were mean
Nothin hurt and everything was beautiful


Adam Van Winkle was born and raised in Texoma and currently resides with his wife and two sons in South Carolina.  He is the founder and editor of Cowboy Jamboree Magazine and Press.  In addition to publishing his short fiction and creative nonfiction online and in print at places like Pithead ChapelCheap Pop!BULL MagazineThe Dead Mule School of Southern LiteratureMonkeybicycle and Red Dirt Forum, he has published several novels and plays with Red Dirt Press, Cowboy Jamboree Press, and Leftover Books. Van Winkle is named for the oldest Cartwright son on Bonanza.  Find him and his publications online at www.adamvanwinkle.com and @gritvanwinkle.

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